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In the Tibetan and Egyptian cosmovisions, consciousness resides in the heart.

Is your heart as light as a feather?

Remember who you are. Remember where you're from.
Remember why you're here.


Celestial Cacao

Medicine for your sacred heart. Ceremonially Activated Chocolates from the region of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, inspiringly shaped and tended with love by a rose priestess who grew up with her grandmother's cacao tree. Options for Frankincense, Rose, Maca, Ashwagandha, and Ormus. I am also available to make elixirs including cacao and blue lotus to elevate intentional gatherings.

Start Now
See past the pillared temple gate
The Oracle in her estate
With effervescent holy spring
And sacred flame lit for clearing
Immersed within her peaceful trance
Breathing meaning as if by change
Tuning into sphere of crystal
Sings mysteries behind the veil


From Scientist and Entrepreneur to
Priestess, Oracle, & Ascension Mentor

Yes, your heart is light as a feather, in the inter-transformation of matter and energy expressed by E=mc2.

I hone my perspective to see all experiences and states of consciousness as intrinsically sacred. Concurrently, I devote care and attention to nurturing ever more sacredness by walking in clarity and embodying divinity. Reframing outdated narratives into stories of courage and overcoming allows us to step into deeply grounded wisdom.


Dr. Rez Khan


Seattle, WA

“Style, music, all are expressions of the divine. It is in the not knowing that we present the divine... The reduction to the finite creates the space for the infinite. The obscuring creates the impulse to overcome and reconnect through ecstatic union. It's why we wear clothes."

Dasha Love

St. Petersberg, FL

"Feel it. Heal it. Love it. Be it."


“Source: I love you.

Me: Is there anything else you'd like to say to me?
Source: There is nothing else as worth saying.”

Life is like a river in perpetual flux.

Stay current.

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