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Meta Villa
is now
Meta Valley

The estate in Woodside was reoccupied by the owner and listed for sale. Our community channels share transformational events in Silicon Valley, Berkeley, Marin, San Francisco, and the northern California region.





Our purpose:
Create with vision, live with artistry, elevate society.

What we do:
With love and joy, I cultivate space for individual & societal metamorphosis.
Visit About for images of our former home & community.
Villa Mandala.jpeg

We effervesce with the magic of inherent unity, from present moment appreciation of a cup of hot chocolate to coincidences that delight and reaffirm.
We foster ecological consciousness through meditation, fitness, nutrition, and gardening to develop our awareness towards building a thriving world.
We envision technology mergence as generating abundance, well-being, and opportunities for all via focused effort and collaboration.
We recognize art as the unobstructed blossoming of the fundamental drive to create, express, and share insights.
Quantum physics
to something beyond 
mathematical explanations
underlying reality, 
where we discover
multi-perspective awareness
of interpretations
from various observers.

The Greek meta- μετά- meaning "after" or "beyond" gets used as a prefix to indicate a concept abstracted from another concept. Consider meta-data  meta-cognition, meta-emotionmeta-morphosis, meta-joke, and meta-programming.
The Pali word for benevolence, universal loving-kindness, and active interest in others: Mettā.
The acronym M.E.T.A. gets used in games denoting the "Most Effective Tactic Available."

We shape our world through community events and retreats in an inspiring setting.
DJs, Live bands, String Quartets
Meditations, Yoga, Ninja Course runs, hikes
Physics, Programming, Blockchain, Neuroscience
Artists in Residence include 
Jessica Perlstein
Ziggy Zeigler of "Infinite Bloom"
Joel Dietz of "Touch Me Deeply"
Click on images for links to more of their art.

Event facilitators and other synergetic entities may spark collaborations by contacting

Recycling well-considered text for deepening your insight:

Perhaps you’ve read the short story “The Metamorphosis” by Kafka. In that story, Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning, having undergone a startling metamorphosis, or ‘shape’ change. I’m not just talking about having a bad hair day—Gregor has metamorphosed or changed his ‘shape’ into a giant disgusting … bug! You may be most familiar with the metamorphosis that a caterpillar undergoes when its ‘shape’ turns into that of a butterfly.

An amorphous, or ’shape’less blob was featured in the 1958 classic film The Blob starring Steve McQueen. A blob is naturally amorphous, since it has no predefined ‘shape,’ but rather constantly changes it.


The Greek god Morpheus was the god of dreams. Morpheus ‘shaped’ dream images during sleep. The painkiller morphine sends you off into dreamland. A great movie character is Morpheus from The Matrix, who helps ‘shape’ the Matrix by dreaming it.


In computer programming, you’ll learn in CS 101 the term polymorphism. It describes how objects can take on many ‘shapes’ by inheriting attributes from parent classes. Likewise, a wizard that casts a polymorphspell in Dungeons & Dragons can turn someone into many different ‘shapes,’ such as a toad or slug.


You may recall from your biology classes that there are three primary classifications or ‘shapes’ into which human bodies can be categorized: endomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs. An endomorph has a little too much ‘shape’ to him, and could lose some weight. A mesomorph‘s body is in ’shape’ physically, being well-‘shaped’ with muscle. An ectomorph, on the other hand, has too little ‘shape,’ and needs to gain some muscular definition.


Many Greek gods are anthropomorphic, or ‘human-shaped:’ their true essence is that of light, but they appear as humans to mere mortals. Another word that ends in -morphic is zoomorphic, or ‘shaped’ like an animal.

In linguistics, which Membean loves, we talk about morphemes a lot, which are simply the different ‘shapes’ that make up words, such as prefixes, stems, and suffixes. Morphology would then be the study of the ‘shape’ words take.


I hope that you too now feel the mighty power of morph!

  1. metamorphosis: ‘shape’ change

  2. amorphous: not having a fixed ‘shape’

  3. Morpheus: god who ‘shaped’ dream images

  4. polymorph: change into many ‘shapes’

  5. anthropomorphic: ‘human-shaped’

  6. morpheme: word ‘shape’

  7. morphology: study of the ‘shape’ words take

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