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Remember the simple joy of being as a child?

Does your inner girl need more joy and magic in her life?

Become delighted by a gentle and joyful gathering for beings who want to experience embodied spirituality in connection with nature and immanent experience of the divine.


The model for Avatar’s (naavi) 🧞‍♀️and 14th Great Grandaughter of Pocahontas  🪶 and a Physics Trained Eco-Entrepreneur 👩🏻‍🔬 turned Women’s Spirituality through Ritual Theater 🔮 are brewing up a container to imbue more sparkle 💖 and depth into life. To make sacred connection joyful, playful, easeful, to weave into your day, bring more ease and light into your life and work day.


Kundalini life force, flow of electricity, photons, how can we have greater flow of our life force energy and power and be responsible for it. Trust ourselves and allow that to flow



We strengthen our embodied your connection to the transcendent so we can be of service and guidance during these times. Let us remind each other of that awareness and equip it into our daily lives.


Our bodies are so full of water, over 70% of our cells. There is a science to the transference of water. Purification, we receive cleansing from baths, waterfalls, setting an intention for our drinking water. Training ourselves to work with the sacred water.

This is for:

~the “Corporate Sacred Agent” within the belly of the beast, shifting our systems to awaken to compassion and wisdom from within. You have an amazing heart and would like our circle of support to stay awake, clear on your mission, which you can weave with existing practices like yoga, dance, and meditation.

~Mothers or future mothers wanting to weave in earth traditions and feminine practices to experiences with existing religions where leaders and archetypes are predominantly male and have not yet updated for the modern woman. Let us convene as a mistressheart (>mastermind) for how we want  to raise our daughters to know their sacred worth. 

~Powerfully activated Dragon and Mermaids Sisters, as well as Dryads and Faries, that desire more sisterhood,  embodiment, and the supportive energy of practicing with a collective.

~Potential priestess going thru the healing path and ups and downs of that. To be held in that, and able to have community and support.


FIRE - Candle Gazing

WATER - Tea Wombanifestation Sigils

EARTH - Dance Your Inner Spirit Animal

AIR - 


Summer 7 short Bio

Synchro short Bio


Dragon Priestess Mermaid School runs for 18 weeks, starting on August 7 until December 8. The 36 sessions will last 30 min each, with experiences like dancing, guided meditations, and sharing tea. There will be an optional 30 minute check in and share after the ritual.


2x weekly call, one by Synchro and one by Summer

1 in AM, 1 in PM (Mon eve 8:30pm, Fri 8:30am)


To register:


$333 for the Course

$22 per drop in

11 Work Trade Spots (20 hours)


100% of Course funds can be applied towards the in person retreat from December 12-22 in Bali.

Dragon Priestess
Mermaid School

🎶 We walk in clarity, We embody our divinity 🎵 


At Dragon Priestess Mermaid School, you will learn:

  • Energetic Protections

  • Cleansing

  • Blessing

  • Give and Receive

  • Feminine Manifestation: (Throw the coin into the water)

  • Clearing Prana Flows (Energy center - stones, having a vision)

  • Co-creating with guides

  • Symbols - Reiki, Sigils

  • Rituals

Our guides:

Nepthys Neaia - 

Sekhmet Pele 


Kali -

Demeter Persephone - 

Dakini - 

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The Modern Priestess

How do we define ourselves, what does it mean to embody the modern priestess energy for our earth?


Priestesses in Ancient Greece and Egypt utilized the sacred arts of:

~Connecting with Divine guidance and engaging daily Spiritual Practices.

~Drawing upon strength and support from Nature,

~Receiving the ancient knowledge of working with the elements.

Earth (Grounding, Grids, Forests, Lemurian Stone Chamber)

Fire (Flame, Bonfire, Volcano, Sun)

Water (Showers, Spas, Rivers, Ocean)

Water and fire are in multiple groups through time.

Air (Breathwork)


Sacred Sisterhood

Just as circles of Redwoods weather the storms and influence the developments of the forests, we witness each other’s prayers to together tend our realms. When two or more come together, we create a truth mirrored in each other, amplifying intentions and supporting each other’s dreams.


Amplifying Our Heartforce

Our hearts create a magnetic field that reaches far beyond our bodies. Swords, wands, spoons, pens, extention of our heart energy. carry items that receive and pass on magic.


Self Realization

Integration. Gnosis. Beyond the veil. We see you as whole in each moment. We strengthen our embodied your connection to the transcendent so we can be of service and guidance during these times. Let us remind each other of that awareness and equip it into our daily lives.


This is not regular school

Thank you for your unique paths, Teachings, memories, past, intuition, sense? In Dragon Priestess Mermaid School, we converge with our unique paths with the keys to unlock ever more of our being, learn new ways of operating,

Thank you for being free


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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