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Working with me...

I Hold an EcoSystems Approach Expressing my Uniqueness with Reverence for All Perspectives: 

Transform Culture, Silent Rapture, Cyborg Kitty, Relativistic Symphony

Goal & Purpose Driven:

Desire Aspire Perspire Acquire

We are all Sovereign in Our Own Realms:

increasingly taking responsibility for the events in my life allows me to fully integrate any lessons and move forward from a place of strength, a perspective I invite my students into through practice and reframing. We will impart skillful ways to transform our pain into power and become the author of our story. 



From that place of sovereignty, we honor our relations from a place of deep self and other respect, as all have the capacity to imagine, feel, create, and love.


EveryOne is Special:

After years of feeling unworthy, or giving my energy to other's causes, I know myself and serve Gaia and life on our planet from a place of self love. Practices, self inquiry, and core-work enable this in my life, and I have put in the hours and focus to achieve this.


I envision gardens of Human Flowering: Integrating our Heart-Mind, Psychosomatic being, then connecting ever more to the abundance of ever present spirit and deepening embodied roots. 


I am inspired by science, psychology, nature, and spirituality to Awake In Creation making Awakened Creations to leave A Wake in Creation.


There are Monuments to Celebrate on and Endless Path: To grow is natural... all my mentors,  elders, and  lamas devote themselves to improving  their capacity, deepening their compassion, MettaVersity of life on planet earth

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