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Synchro Quasar

Scientist & Oracle

Synchro is devoted to remembrance of our intuitive gifts. She now teaches, hosts activating workshops and conducts rituals for up to thousands of people. With a university degree in physics, she worked in archaeology, nano-science, virtual reality, impact entrepreneurship, and beneficial AI. From studying Classics in college, she is writing a book about a labyrinth temple complex in ancient Egypt, as this culture holds a perspective of eternal life that balances our fast paced modernity. Her offerings include Divination, Celestial Cacao, Vibrational Medicine, and Ascension Coaching. She teaches Dragon Priestess Mermaid School, Path to Healing, and Metta Physics.

Rose Priestess

Synchro studies and teaches at the Academy of Oracle Arts, with Isis Indriya. She trained and dedicated as a Priestess of the Goddess with the Avalon Rose Chapel in Glastonbury with Annabel du Boulay. She studies with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers and completed a Vision Quest, and subsequently become a mentor.  She is a certified International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine, creating vibrational medicines from trees, gems, and flowers, and a clinical herbalist that studied with Marza Millar.


She has guided meditations and taught yoga since 2013. Since 2016, she has honed her awareness and compassion through deep study with Tibetan Lamas in the lineage of Vajrayana, including renewing her Bodhisattva vow yearly, mind training, energy practices, breathwork, sanctifying the body, cutting through illusions, and Dzogchen (great perfection). Her heart has guided her towards collaborating on impact initiatives, resulting in offsetting a billion plastic bottles, organizing nature restoration, and directing disaster relief.

Sacred Sister

Please reach out if you would like to hear about Sacred Sisterhood gatherings in the bay area. She participated in the ceremonial opening of the first goddess temple in Rome in nearly 2,000 years in 2016 and lives to restore balance through the rising of the divine feminine in service to humanity realizing its spiritual potential in harmony with Gaia.

Guided Journey to Your Inner Temple

  • Avalon Rose Chapel Priestess Practitioner (3-Year), International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine Certified

  • Academy of Oracle Arts Apprenticeship (3-Year), Certified Diviner

  • Earth Wisdom Clinical Herbalist Certification (3-Year)

  • OpenExo New Venture Certified Coach (7+ Years)

  • Fairy Magic

Career Background
  • Angel

  • Bachelors of Science in Physics, studied Economic & Classics

  • Research in Atomic Force & Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Quantum Nanotechnology, Virtual Reality Python Scripting, Oscilloscopes, Diamondoid Nanowire Computational Physics, DNA Origami Nanoscale Self Assembly

  • Technology Investments, Impact Entrepreneurship

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