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I Hold an EcoSystems Approach with Reverence for All Perspectives.

Goal & Purpose Driven. I have trained for 7 years in Tibetan Vajrayana. My pathway before spirituality were as an impact entrepreneur, cleantech investor, and scientist.

We are all Sovereign in Our Own Realms:

Increasingly taking responsibility for the events in my life allows me to fully integrate any lessons and move forward from a place of strength, a perspective I invite my students into through practice and reframing. We will impart skillful ways to transform our pain into power and become the author of our story. 



From that place of sovereignty, we honor our relations from a place of deep self and other respect, as all have the capacity to imagine, feel, create, and love.


EveryOne is Special:

After years of feeling unworthy, or giving my energy to other's causes, I know myself and serve Gaia and life on our planet from a place of self love. Practices, self inquiry, and core-work enable this in my life, and I have put in the hours and focus to achieve this.



Integrating our Heart-Mind, Psychosomatic being, then connecting ever more to the abundance of ever present spirit and deepening embodied roots. 



I am inspired by science, psychology, nature, and spirituality to Awake In Creation making Awakened Creations to leave A Wake in Creation.

Organizational & Ascension Mentor
Personal Ascension is the process of personal growth and spiritual evolution. Through this process, one can expand their consciousness and raise their vibration, allowing them to connect more deeply with their inner wisdom and intuition. Mistress Heart offers personalized guidance and support to help individual stay the course on their ascension journey, premised from the state of love and unity. 

Celestial Cacao: Ceremonies & Activated Chocolates
Cacao ceremonies are a powerful way to connect with yourself on a deeper level. During the ceremony, Mistress Heart will lead participants through a series of guided meditations and visualizations, while utilizing the healing energy of cacao. These ceremonies are a beautiful way to explore and heal your inner self. 

Activate Your Creator Consciousness
Co-creating is the process of creating with atunement to the divine universe. Through this process, you expand your consciousness such that your guides, allies, and elemental forces become co-creators, manifesting your dreams and desires into reality. I can support you along the way, providing the necessary tools and resources to help you co-create your best life.

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