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Ascension Playbook

Since I embarked on my Yoga Teacher Training at Avalon in Palo Alto, my thirst for the wisdom beyond intellectual learning has led me to travel the world and explore topics on the leading edge of consciousness evolution. Ultimately, rather than reaching a finish line called enlightenment or nirvana, it seems like one can enter such states and yet gracefully return to the realm of ordinary human experience with fresh eyes. I am called to learn from accomplished teachers that work to better themselves along the many lines of development available to us as humans, that demonstrate compassion in service to the interconnected weave of life.

Ten years into my devoted study, the geometry that weaves together the meanings of my many explorations has emerged. My heart feels honored to share with you a written download of my 64-fold path of continuous evolution:

8 sections, each with 8 subsections.

Wisdom Traditions

Elevating Music

Natural Rhythms

Empowered Embodiment

Soul Inspiration

Cultivating Clarity

Creating Intentionally

Further Studies

Wisdom Traditions

Tibetan - Lojong, Divine Feminine, Chod, Dzogchen

Vedanta - Advaita, Mantra

Christian Gnostic - Art


Incan, Brazilian

Native American

Viking, Celtic

Daoism & Qi Gong

Elevating Music

Divine Feminine

Evolutionary Main Stream Movement Shifts

Healing Songs from Ceremonies

Sound Healing Frequencies - Solfeggio, Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls

Traditional Sacred Instruments - Singing Bowl

Vocal Activation

Gregorian Chants, Throat Singing & Black Madonna DRUMMING

Natural Rhythms

Healthy Habits

Personal Retreats

Moon Cycles

Wheel of the Year - Daoist, Native, Celtic

Festivals - Egyptian, Magdalene, Pi Day

Meditation Styles

Group Celebrations

Sleep & Dreams

Empowered Embodiment



Strength / Core


Theater, Rituals

Breath - Stan Grof 

Womb Awakening


Soul Inspiration


Physics, Geometry

Biology - Interconnectedness


History / Anthropology



Sacred Letters - Hieroglyphs, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Runes

Cultivating Clarity

Feeding Your Demons

Parts/IFS - "The Body Keeps the Score. Embodied Pleasure to Transmute

Organize & Clean 

EMF Harmonizers, Cleanse/Detox - Spirulina, Purium

Hydration, Ocean/Water/Earth/Fire Rituals "Check your baggage at the door"

Crystals & Medicines - Black Tourmaline, Sage

Tree Reciprocity & Energy Exchange

Forgiveness Practice

Creating Intentionally

Integral Outlook (Ken Wilber's maps)

Free Writing

Vision Boards (meditation)

Vision Altar, Vision AI Art

Alternative Universe 8 Year Plans

Accountability-  Self - Sheets, Group Check Ins

I AM Affirmations

Emotional Scales & Heart Magnetizing - Smile!

Further Studies

Priestess Training, Divine Feminine Movement, Qigong

Native Elders, Vision Quest, Amma


Healing - Tinctures, Essences, Therapies


Oracular Capacities & Divination


Pilgrimages - Earth Codes -- Temples


Mystery Schools - Kaia Ra, Damanhur University


Books - Jesse Ayani, Spiritwalker, (Destination Enlightenment)

Media - GaiaTV, Ascension Keepers, 

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