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Metta Physics

Science for Awakening

April to November 2023:

We will explore together the deep beauty of science in immanent experiences with accessible and time tested topics, aligned with the journey of the immersions.


Each session runs 30 minutes to 1 hour with presentation, artistic offering, exercise, questions, and discussion.

Course Topics

April 2023

Quantum Origins of Light

~Quanta: The smallest known constituents from the Periodic Table, to Subatomic Particles, to Elementary Particles

~Origins of Light and Life: quantum tunneling and fusion in the sun

~Wave-Particle: It depends upon the way you look at things; existence unified with nonexistence

~Timelessness: Akhenaten’s Hymn to the Aten, Tibet’s Vajrasattva, Einstein’s writings on compassion

June 2023

Planets & Stars

~ReDiscovery: Historical Maps of the Cosmos, Earth, & The Human Body. What is Your Creation Myth?

~Stellar: Sun, Plasma, Helio-seismology, Types of Stars, Nuit & Body of Milky Way Galaxy

~Domain of Applicability: Gravity - Newton, Relativity - Einstein, Quantum, Galileo & Archaeological Star Maps

July 2023

Electricity & Magnetism

~Electricity: Charge, Current of Electrons

~Magnetism: Human Biofield, Earth's Magnetic Field

~Practice: Awareness of our field, groundedness, and magnetic fields

~Daoist Qi, Yogic Prana, Tibetan Tsa Lung Channels

August 2023

Biology & Life

~Creation & Destruction: How the building blocks of atoms self assemble into trees and people

~Organizational Structures: From the Nanoscale to the Body, and Network Structures (Neith, Athena)

~Meditation: Fractals of life

~Story: The life of Marie Curie

September 2023

Black Holes & The Void

~Black Holes, originally called "Dark Stars"

~The Void

~The Mystery: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Expansion of Space, and Beyond

~Meditation on Nothingness & The Unknown

October 2023

Light & Vibration

~One Light Becomes Many: Rainbows, Sunsets Color

~Lasers, Alignment, Semiconductor Optical Cavities, & Altars

~Poem: The One in All, Margaret Fuller

~Meditation on Oneness. Historical context: Indra’s Net, Native American Creator, Bodhisattva vow

November 2023

Dimensions & Programming

~Notice the infinite within a: Point, Line, Plane, Cube, 4D, 5D, N-Dimensions

~Math Poetry

~Teleportation & Alternate Futures: examples from computer science on how to switch the reference

~Meditative journey to visualize the more wholesome futures

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